Info on alergies

You might be afraid of the reaction of your skin on natural substances (citrus fruit, ginger, cinnamon, coconut) or you are sensitive to them. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask the receptionist for using hemp oil during your massage.
hemp oil The scent of hemp oil is not as agreeable as the scent of tropic or coconut oil, it is earthy, although not unpleasant. Ask the receptionist to enable you to smell it. We offer our clients a virgin refined hemp oil as an alternative for its good therapeutical features in dermatologic field.

Unsaturated fatty acids from hemp oil have great regenerative effects and they strenghten resistance of the skin. They can moderate or even cure skin problems like skin dryness, atopic aczema or psoriasis. If the skin does not contain enough of unsaturated fatty acids symptoms like drying, sloughing and rifts appear. Besides that linoleum and gama-linoleum acids have antiphlogistic effects that can be applied while curing irritated skin and different skin diseases. Hemp oil also contains a lot of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E) which have in relation with unsaturated acids beneficial effects.

By applying the hemp oil it is possible to successively restore the correct ratio of skin lipides and reduce formation of new wrinkles (for explanation – it is not an elixir of youth as a removal of already formed wrinkles does not occur). A very important role in suppressing the symptoms of ageing has the vitamin E which is richly included in the hemp.

The effectiveness of the hemp oil is proved in being effective against acne. This skin desease is one of the most common and you can meet it in every age category. However, thanks to antiphlogistic effects and balance renewal in lipid layer linoleum and gama-linoleum acids can moderate or even stop the acne symptoms.

Please, inform the personnel on the reception about your health including possible alergies.