massage and pregnancy

pregnancy massage During the first three months of pregnancy a woman should not have Thai massage. From the forth month till the end of the seventh month she should focus on a massage of the backbone, pane, arms and legs. Back muscles, backbone and legs will be very strained soon therefore, it is, in other words, necessary to prepare the body for weight. Future mummies can expect from the prenatally massage these advantages: relaxed muscles, a sleep of better quality, a decrease of stress, an increase of immunity and blood circulation, less fatigue, a better flow of oxygen and nutriments toward fetus. In the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy and also after the childbirth, during the puerperium the Thai massage is appropriate. During the period of 3 months after the puerperium we recommend a post partum Mamma massage, afterwards any of thai massages are applicable. If you are interested in the Mamma massage book it by phone or buy a gift certificate for your close friend or family.