New SPA downtown Bratislava 15 € / 2 hours
Sabai Thai Massage & SPA on Laurinská 10 in Bratislava - the right place for your relaxation.
  • Finnish sauna 85-95 ° C with a capacity of 6 reclining or up to 16 sitting people
  • Steam sauna 50 ° C with a capacity of 1 reclining or up to 3 sitting peaople
  • Whirlpool - hydromassage bath for 2 people with 3D pressure-vibrating jets for natural stimulation of the lymphatic circuit.
  • Cooling pool
  • 2 chill-out rooms with ergonomic loungers
  • Beverage service
  • Thai massage
Please book the date of entry to the SPA and the date of the massage by phone.

We are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
Coconut Dream - A new luxury regenerative procedure
The natural coconut peeling removes dead keratin cells from the skin, increases the blood flow in the skin and prepares it for a healthy massage virgin coconut oil massage. The skin of the face and low neck will be especially gently massaged with original coconut compress. This is followed by rejuvenating coconut mask.
Coffee Slim - A new slimming massage to beat cellulite
A massage for eliminating cellulite, forming the figure and improving skin quality. Gentle coffee peeling removes dead keratin cells and prepares the body for a slimming wrap. This emulsion contains a special combination of natural substances from seaweed, guarana, Ruscus aculeatus L. and lemon tree. The wrap improves blood circulation, helps in forming the figure and eliminates toxic substances from the body. It removes the orange-peel skin look. You enjoy a facial massage during the wrap. This is followed by a coffee oil massage, which helps in doing away with subcutaneous fat.
Aroma Massage with extra virgin coconut oil
One of nature’s safest and most effective hydrating products. It is full of antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins that both nourish and protect your skin. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. In winter time, it will protect your skin from freeze, in summer time, it helps the skin regain its elasticity after sunbathing. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can absorb into the skin and retain a healthy, fresh and natural appearance.
Aroma Massage now with hemp oil
Hemp oil has a strong refreshing effect on all skin types. It increases the skin resistance against the external environment and slows down the ageing process. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, it is especially suitable for very sensitive or strained and stressed skin.
As far as hemp oil is concerned, you do not need to be afraid of any psychotropic or addictive effects. This oil is extracted from so-called industrial hemp cultivars that do not contain any such substances.