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More about online booking
Online booking requires the customer to know which massage at what time and at which branch he would like to have. Discounted online reservations usually do not allow you to change the date without cancellation fees and are therefore not suitable as a gift. The customer should carefully read the terms of the online booking to avoid misunderstandings.

A very popular aromatherapeutic procedure connects action of tropic scents with calming massage. It contains components of traditional Thai massage, acupressure and Indian ayurveda. According to your desire you can choose one of our massage oils:massage oilsTo those with allergy or suffering from a very sensitive skin we recommend an hemp oil. If you look for a relaxation, Aroma massage is the best choice for you.

The traditional Thai massage, more than a two and a half thousand years old art. Originally masters cured with it in Buddhist temples. Its effectiveness is based on the action on pressure points by which energy flows in the body are influenced. The massage stimulates blood circulation, releases energy blockages, improves secretion of toxins from the body, removes pain, tension and muscle tightness and ankylosis, releases from fatigue and neural exhaustion, increases body flexibility. The massage does not demand usage of oils.

Relieve your back with a special combination of massage techniques focused on nape, arms, sacral and hip area. Warmed herbal packets (only in 60 min. version) affect deeply and together with camphor-menthol ointments and aroma oils they release stiff muscles. Regular repetition of the procedure can bring relief from chronic backbone problems.

thai herbsThe top experience is an encouraging hot oil and herbal massage. A packet of Thai herbs warmed above the steam smells agreeably, irritates senses and penetrates into airways. Warmed herbal packets affect deeply after their application on the body, they open pores, warm stiff muscles and joints, release tension in the body. Then an oil massage revitalising mind and harmonizing body feelings comes after. Choose either a mixture of tropic fragrant oils or virgin coconut oil.

sauna Heat up before taking a massage in a steam sauna or induldge after massage in a soothing bath.

foot massageAcupressure massage of reflex points on soles – reflexology. It is one of the biggest Thai massage arts. Foot Nirvana not only induces an immediate feeling of relief and walking ease but its main contribution is general energy awakening of the organism caused by stimulating energy flows.

Enjoy an aromatic oil massage in a couple followed by a coconut milk bath with fresh flower buds. Bottle of sparkling wine makes the romantic moment unforgettable. Massage takes 60 or 90 min., bath 30 min.

We also offer to pregnant women and to mothers after childbirth massage focused on the area near tummy, nape, arms and back. When the mother is in an advanced stage of pregnancy she lies on her side. During this massage we do not stimulate reflex points on soles, ears and palms. Read further information about the massage during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Complex regeneration procedure of the whole body. Natural coconut peeling removes dead keratin cells, forces blood circulation and prepares for a massage with virgin coconut oil, which is exceptional for its emollient effects. The face and chest will be treated with genuine coconut compress followed by rejuvenating coconut mask.

Help to shape your body by a massage in order to remove cellulitis and improve the quality of the skin. Soft body peeling removes dead ceratine cells and prepares the skin for slimming embalmment. The spanking of the skin by palms together with the embalmment congests blood circulation and removes toxic substances from the body. Afterward, there comes time for an aromatherapeutic calming massage.peelingsChoose your procedure variant:

  • White Gingerlilly
  • Mango
  • Passionflower

hot stonesUsing of hot stones in massage is firstly mentioned in Asia 3000 BC. Today is hot stones massage very popular around the world provided in many of it's variations. Warmed up lava stones placed onto the body parts (back, palms) pleasurably work deep into the tissue and harmonize energy flows. Therapist uses two heated stones soaked in oil while massaging your body. You can choose any of our oils: citrus, coconut, hemp, coffee or ginger oil.

Short regenerative reflex zone massage of head, ears, neck and shoulders. Good for stress and tension relief.

In addition to our complex body massages please, choose one of our specific massages:
hand massage Silky hand - reflex zone massage focused on fingers, palms and forearms. Let yourself to flex your stiff joints after long work on the computer.
Visage - reflex zone massage focused on face, neck and scalp, stimulates energy points, congests hair rootlets and brings feeling of vitality and freshness.